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Hera Marker

This is my favourite piecing tool.  I use it every time I sit down and sew at my machine.

In a nut shell, it is a tool used for 'marking' your fabric by crushing a line into it.  The line disappears as you sew it by hand or by machine.  If you make a mistake, the crushed line will press out when you are finished. 

The Hera Marker is also fantastic for pressing your seams without having to iron them.  Just run the Hera Marker over the top of your seam, and it will crush it down into position.  This doesn't replace an iron, but it beats having to get up and press each seam as you sew it!

Hera Markers are made of durable plastic and will become a staple in your sewing kit.

Can you tell that this is a favourite of mine?