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Useful bits and pieces

We are always looking for things that will make our sewing life easier, more fun, a little quicker or that will enhance our work. The notions in this section are tried and tested by the Country Quilt Co...and yes, they do make a difference!

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  1. 12.5 inch ruler

    12.5" square ruler
    $ 29.95

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  2. 4.5 inch square

    4.5" square ruler
    $ 11.95

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  3. 6.5 inch square

    6.5" square ruler
    $ 13.95

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  1. Applique Pins

    Applique Pins
    $ 11.00

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  2. clearly perfect angles

    Clearly Perfect Angles
    $ 18.70

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  3. A4 inkjet printable fabric

    Ink Jet printable fabric A4
    $ 23.95

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  1. Ruler Cutter

    Ruler and cutter
    $ 83.00

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  2. Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needles

    Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needles
    $ 12.00

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  3. Rotary cutting mat

    Self healing rotating cutting mat
    $ 65.75

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