Welcome to The Country Quilt Co located here at number 2 Pine Mountain Road, North Ipswich in beautiful Queensland Australia. 

My name is Suzanne. The Country Quilt Co has been a part of my family for 14 years now and we are proud to share that experience with you and yours. I started this business to share the inspiration, creativity and passion that fabric, sewing and all things quilting can bring out in us all. 


If you are a returning customer you will notice some changes to our website and our instore experience over the coming months as we grow into a new version of ourselves. 

If you are looking for something special, browse around this website or call Suzanne on 07 3294 7000 and ask her to locate it for you.

Our Blocks of the Month are a great way to increase your skills and make something really fabulous.  We select all of the fabrics for you and you get a great parcel in the post each month!

Check out our latest classes  or view the complete calendar in our  whats on section.

New Products

From Start 2 Finish - beginners class

From Start 2 Finish - beginners class

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