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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates can turn out to be the perfect gift. The lucky recipient can shop for that special little something that is just perfect and the person giving the gift is happy knowing that they have been able to give the recipient exactly what they wanted! Make sure you let us know what message you would like to have on you Certificate (ie; "Worlds Best Mum" or "Happy Birthday" or "You Keep Me In Stitches!" or "Thank you for being you") Just include your message on the When you log-in to the "Delivery Information" page, you will be able to type all the details of your voucher in the "Add Comments About Your Order" text box. We will need the following information: * Name and address of Voucher recipient if you would like the voucher mailed to her. * Your name, or name of person giving the Gift Voucher. * Any brief note that you would like written on the Voucher, e.g. "Happy Birthday to a wonderful Mum". "A small thank you for a true friend" We will be pleased to mail the Voucher to either the person receiving the Voucher, or the person giving the Voucher. Postage is complimentary.

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